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What We Offer

New Arbor provides financial advice to investors and sustainable businesses, including in the fields of renewable energy, clean tech, and related sectors.  We support founders, managers, and investors in key decision making that aligns your finances with your goals.

Investor Support

For investors, we offer due diligence, structuring, and research support. We bring to bear best-in-class sell side investment banking experience and an alternative investing background. Skills include due diligence and other transaction-specific analysis, as well as relative value and credit analysis. Do companies in your portfolio need more financial guidance than you can provide? For both equity investors and creditors, your portfolio companies may benefit from an engagement with us.

Planning and Analysis

Drawing on twenty years’ experience of strategic financial analysis of companies, we offer managers and principals quantitative and qualitative analysis to help optimize decision making. This includes sensitivity and scenario analysis for strategic decisions, capital budgeting, general financial planning, and for other purposes.

Investment Readiness

Considering raising capital? Working from the perspective of the investor, we help you tell your story to gain maximum traction. This includes financial analysis, substantiating the case for your financial execution, and coaching. Comprehensive grooming and focussing of the investment case, presenting the business opportunity through numbers, and presentation training, lead to a superior result.

Our Approach

 Our approach is based on listening, communicating, and adapting.  We are collaborative and seek to build your partnership with the investor community.  Starting with careful attentiveness to your objectives, we analyze in detail your business opportunities and the means to achieve them.  We help you best translate objectives into a concrete financial strategy appealing to investors.  We help you adapt to changing market opportunities and appropriately respond to investor feedback.  The specific steps in the process depend on the company’s needs and circumstances.

Douglas Krehbiel of New Arbor Financial
Douglas Krehbiel, CFA

In addition to working with US-based companies, Douglas Krehbiel has extensive experience living, working and investing in Emerging Markets. He is familiar with diverse regulatory environments and knows well the challenges companies face in the context of volatile macroeconomic conditions, global competition, and with quickly-changing financing opportunities.


His specific skills include acting as a bridge between companies and investors, preparing companies to better access capital and bringing investors to understand the value and risks of complex investments. For corporate clients, he analyzes and models major strategic decisions and positions the company’s investment case.


Doug’s experience in financial markets includes being a banker, strategist and institutional investor, working at JPMorgan and major alternative investment managers.  He works across asset classes including credit and equity, high yield, distressed debt, structured credit, mezzanine finance, and private equity. He has extensive experience in the sectors of utilities, green chemicals, biofuels, consumer finance, banking, consumer products, media&telecom, natural resources, and manufacturing.


He is a graduate of Williams College and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Doug is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.